St. Patrick’s Day marks the one-year anniversary of our main store, in Lionheart Mohatu! One year ago, a friend loaned me 3k lindens to buy a parcel, and I opened on St. Patrick’s Day 2010 (which seemed an apt date, given the shop’s name and logo!)

In the course of the past year, branch shops have opened and closed, some have opened and NOT closed, my shop group grew to have over 60 members, the loan has been paid off, and Clover’s Kitchen has continued to be a great success thanks to YOU, our customers!

So tonight we had our Anniversary party.

Symmetry Munro played two hours of music with food & drink themes, ranging from “Sugar, Sugar” to “Junk Food Junkie” to “Butterbean”. As music played, fireworks lit up the sky, and some shoppers came by to take part in the Anniversary Hunt. Unfortunately, the Hunt had some bugs; but since I was there to see it happen, I awarded the twins Jenifer and Jesica Dragovar with first and second prize, in the order that they reached the end of the hunt.

I can’t say it enough: THANK YOU, each and every one of you. For buying our products, for telling your friends, for serving our food at your gatherings, for tweeting and re-tweeting about products, for joining the group… each and every one of you deserves my heartfelt thanks for a successful year. I look forward to serving you in years to come.